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Please Note:  On payment/deposit of any invoice from Timbers with Veins Pty Ltd, you agree you have read and accept the following terms and conditions:
All quotes are valid for 30 days.

On all orders, lead times commence once deposit payments for all orders over $3000,  or full payments for orders under $3000 have been made. Remainder of balances due prior to delivery/pick up. No orders will be released without full payment prior to delivery/pick up. Any orders left for a period of 28 days or more will be deemed unwanted and become the property of Timbers with Veins, unless otherwise discussed. Lead times are approximates only, and are valid at time of quotation. Weekends are not inclusive of time frame given. Pricing is indicative of quantities supplied. For smaller quantities, or larger quantities pricing per lineal metre may be higher/lower. Payment options are listed on the invoice for your information. If paying by direct deposit, if possible, please forward your bank remittance for faster processing. If you wish to pay with credit card, we except Mastercard or Visa only. All credit card and debit card transactions will incur a surcharge of 1.5%.  As we custom mill to order, we do not offer refunds for change of mind. If for any reason you have an issue with your timbers, do not alter or cut the original timber which has been delivered/picked up, as this will void any possible resolutions. If there are any issues with the timber, TwV must be notified within 5 days from receiving order. Any replacement timbers are at the disrcretion of  TwV.  Please Note: All TwV timbers are anywhere from 20-150+years old and are 100% recycled and naturally air dried with a moisture reading between 8-18%. Please be advised as we mill with water for cutting purposes, moisture level may rise initially, however will re-settle within a couple of weeks. If purchasing timber for tables, furniture, flooring and decking, the above situation (cut with water) it is advised to let timber sit a couple of weeks until dry again before using for your application.For sawn/sanded finish, timber is lightly sanded with the purpose of eliminating the roughness on the timber only. Some saw teeth marks and furry edges may still be evident on timber due to the hardness of the timber. We do our best to supply timber to required sizing, however there may be a difference of up to 5mm. If we are supplying a sawn/sanded product, then the sizing may also become less than your ordered sizing due to sanding (please take all these factors into consideration when placing an order with us -  as you may need to add extra thickness/length to accommodate). DAR (dressed all round) finish is closest to being true to your requested size. If you are after exact sizing then DAR finish would be preferable over other finishes we supply. Timber may be supplied with bolt holes, natural edges and other rustic imperfections consistent of aged/recycled timbers. With all decking it is advised sawn decking to be laid as soon as possible and screwed down into joists as follows: Hardwood joists are preferable, and 14G Bugle Screws should be used to a depth of 50mm. If Treated Pine is being used for the joists, then the depth is a lot longer - about 70-80mm as pine is a soft wood, however we strongly advise hardwood joists are used with our timbers. The underside of the decking, stair tread etc should be coated with oil to avoid moisture issues, (especially if the decking is being laid over concrete, or over/around areas of high moisture, and the top sealed also. Cracks and imperfections in timber should also be sealed accordingly (e-poxy) (follow the above decking procedure for stair treads also (especially if external).  Also to note with decking and stair treads, especially if wider sections but not limited to, it is advised to screw from the top surface, with at least 2 large bolts in either side (2 each side) as a minimum. With Cladding, it is advised the timber is screwed and glued as soon as possible to avoid issues with cupping. All timber we advise to oil/coat. Especially with Turpentine, it is advised to oil several coats asap, and either option of lacquer/oil for other timber species as soon as possible. Turpentine is a Marine Grade Timber and thrives on moisture, it is best suited for high wet areas. If Turpentine is being used out of high wet areas then hosing water onto timber during hot weather is paramount to ensure minimal splitting and cracking occurs. Watering will help close any splits also. Please also be advised Turpentine has a tendency to leach. It is advised all orders be viewed prior to delivery or pick-up. Any returns after delivery or pick up is at the cost of the customer. If you wish to pick up your order, pick up address is located at Glenorie free of charge. All other delivery charges Sydney Metro area are from $150+gst depending on location. If you require delivery outside this area we will quote you accordingly.

If you have any questions concerning these terms, please feel free to contact us to discuss further, prior to placing an order with us. Thank you.

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All pictures shown on this website are for illustration purposes only. They are not to be re-used, unless TwV has granted permission to do so. Thank you.