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Selling Houses Australia - TwV Proudly donates Recycled Timber
Time for a Change!
Merry Christmas 2014!


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Our Recycled Timber Haven has a new location!

Due to rapid growth and expansion of Timbers with Veins we have moved our office to our warehouse to the serene quiet peaceful suburb of Galston Sydney. Only half an hour drive or so from the Northern Beaches of Sydney, through the blissful rainforest drive of Galston Gorge!.....

Our warehouse at Galston stocks large amounts of Grey Weathered Reclaimed Timbers.

Of course we still have our awesome service of supplying re-milled recycled timber also. We can supply quality Recycled Timber Beams and Posts, Recycled Timber Stair Treads, Recycled Timber for Feature Walls & Landcaping purposes..... let you imagination run wild with the possibilities!

Our office/warehouse is open Mon-Fri 9am - 3pm. We can also accommodate for visitations outside these hours, just ring and make a time with us. Saturdays also available by appointment.

Don't forget!.... YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR.... All our recycled and reclaimed timbers are the REAL DEAL!.... Not cut green trees left out to dry for a small while!.... Not half new, half recycled either!....100% Recycled is what you get!

Get your 'WOW' Factor Now!......



Its been a while since my last post.... busy busy year in our world of Recycled Timber !

Firstly I would like to send a big thankyou to all our valued customers over the year!

A lot has changed at Timbers with Veins over the past year... here's an update on what has been happening in 2015....

Our business of Recycled Timber has grown immensely. We still pride ourselves not having to advertise our services and our gorgeous Recycled Timber as our customers are mainly word of mouth and returning customers who just love our product and what we do here!

We have purchased 2 more massive timber mills...... faster turnaround time for you and the quality of work speaks for itself....

Our Processing yard at Glenorie is growing at a rapid rate.... Our abundance of Recycled Timber has grown, we have fantastic suppliers and no thanks to Andrew whom is the brains of the business and forever keeps the Recycled Timber material flowing, so we will never run out!

Our Warehouse at Galston is stocked full of Grey Weathered Reclaimed Timbers, many sizes available.

Moving up in the world..... We are now able to supply DAR*...... yay!....

Workers have come and gone, but we have a wonderful team now;

Please meet our Fantastic Team......

- Andrew / Director - Amazing people person. Down to Earth, the brains of the business whom mills extraordinary pieces of timber. Loves his timber and his passion clearly shows in his work.

- Leasa / Office Manager - Happy go lucky, always smiling... runs the office so all of your orders run as smoothly as possible.... and helps with your queries.

- Michelle / Sales Executive - Calm and collected, cheery voice whom generally answers your sales calls. Fantastic offsider to Leasa.....

- Kerrod / Labourer - Always tries his best and has learnt quickly, has been a great help throughout the year for Andrew preparing the Recycled Timber before it runs through our mills and machinery.

- Connor / Labourer - Our new junior whom is learning well. Helps yard clean-ups and preparing the Recycled Timber before it runs through the mills.

- Graham / HC Driver - Our trusty driver whom happily delivers your Recycled Timber orders.....

Thank you to all our fabulous hardworking employees! We could not run without you! We hope all our workers will stay with us for many more years to come....


*DAR available only on small orders at present. Can supply up to 150 x 150 in size.

Selling Houses Australia - TwV Proudly donates Recycled Timber

For those of you who missed it......

May 2015 Timbers with Veins proudly donated to Selling Houses Australia, 6 x  Reclaimed Timber Posts to be used for a pergola at Brookvale, Sydney. The result was a Rustic stunning work of art with the use of our quality Recycled Timber  .

:)  :)  :)

If you are looking for Grey Weathered Reclaimed Timber posts, we have acres of this gorgeous timber available from our Glenorie yard....

Give us a call to discuss further and to arrange an appointment for viewing....

02 9986 3913

Time for a Change!

Welcome Back and Happy New Year to all! My how the months are flying!

Welcome also to our new looking Website! We hope you like it. We are trying to make your experience as user friendly as possible, and one that is visually appealing too.

We will be regularly updating our website with new Amazing Recycled Timber pictures, testamoninals and specials, so come back each month so you don't miss a thing! Feel free to leave a comment on our Blogs, or visit our Face Book page and like us :)

Thank you!

Merry Christmas 2014!

I thought I'd spend this moment to wish all our valued customers a fabulous Christmas and may 2015 bring us all, happiness and prosperity....

Christmas has come so quickly, and again we are under the pump with processing orders. At this stage we can no longer accept anymore orders prior to xmas, as we are extremely busy. We are however already taking new orders for the new year. Our return is not until mid January, however order places are already filling, so to avoid disappointment and further delays, why not place your order today?!


Recycled Timber Feature Wall

A big thank you goes out to Paul who has recently sent us some amazing pictures of his feature wall on his house at Freshwater Sydney.

Recycled Tallowood and Ironbark were used in different sizing to create a visually stunning Recycled Timber feature! The installation was done by builder Upa Level Constructions. The sealer is 2 coats of Cutek CD 50 clear oil. Job well done!
Please visit our Picture Gallery for more pictures of this Recycled Timber Feature Wall......

Our Staff

Welcome Back Lyndon.....

Firstly, a big welcome back to Lyndon.... Lyndon spent the last few months trying his hand at a new role in the building industry, however has come back as our labourer! Yes our working conditions are easy going, and to be surrounded by our gorgeous recycled timber all the time, its no guessing as to why one would want to stay with us, so good to have you back again!

Rob our wonderful truck driver has also been put on full time and will hopefully be with us until the end! We love you Rob, and so do our customers!

What a wonderful team we now have!

Recycled Timber Table

A big warm thank you to Ben from Woodkeeper Furniture whom sent us this gorgeous picture of Recycled Timber table he made using Timbers with Veins recycled timber . Tallowood was Ben's timber of choice. What an amazing job!
If you too are seeking someone to make your dream furnishing, look no further than Woodkeeper Furniture.

Recycled Timber Rustic Table

Just wanted to give a big shout out to Hayden & Teresa of Mosman.
Thank you for the wonderful pictures of your Recycled Timber Ironbark Rustic Table! Great job guys!
Whilst we are on the topic of great jobs, this is just one of many great jobs being completed with the use of our Recycled Timber.
Believe and you can create your Recycled Timber dream!
Don't forget we custom mill to most sizing so you too, can create that project you have always wanted to complete!
Give us a call today, and make your dream... your reality.

Welcome Rob to our Recycled Timber Business!

Welcome Rob,
Our newest Team Member @ Timbers with Veins.
You will meet Rob whilst he drops off your Recycled Timber orders.
Glad to have you on board!